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Happy Birthday Ron Paul!

August 20, 2013 Leave a comment

Today, August 20th, is the birthday of Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul. The 12 term Texas congressman, doctor, author and Constitutional guru turns 78 years old and shows no signs of slowing down. Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love the guy. He is, in fact, a personal hero of mine and an inspiration to millions. In celebration of his birthday I’d like to share a little bit of why he is important to America and how he has impacted my life personally. Aside from the invaluable lessons in foreign policy, monetary policy, civil liberties and so much more, there are a few things I learned subconsciously from the little man from Texas.


Perhaps the biggest impression he has made on me is his willingness to stand for what he believes in, even when he stands alone. ron-paul-ronald-reaganDuring his service as a U.S. Congressman for 12 terms spread out from 1976 to 2013, Dr. Paul has almost always been in the minority. Even when all other Republicans fell in line behind President Reagan, of whom Paul had been a strong early supporter, when the administration began to stray from small government principles, the good doctor stuck to his guns in opposition. Countless times in his career he was the lone voice in a sea of corruption. No doubt there were nights when he wondered if he was sane for fighting unwinnable battles, but over the course of those few decades he stayed true to principle. Even when, in 2008, he stood as the lone Republican Presidential candidate against an aggressive foreign policy, Ron Paul did not back down to the pressure of what was popular at the time. Even then, when there was still significant support for the war, he showed no considerations to the mass’s opinions.

What he taught me, in doing so, is to always do what is right. When the world is pointing at me telling me I am wrong, but I know the truth, I will stick to that truth. When I stand alone with nothing but principle and my own conscience, I will be able to hold the moral advantage.

You see, when Congressman Paul was prattling on about the Federal Reserve or monetary policy all those years, he did not know he would become the spokesperson for sanity in America. He did not know he would become an idol for young adults. He absolutely had no idea he would have the impact he had today. He did it fully aware that his efforts would be totally fruitless. But because he had the courage to stay with it, he has given the world a voice for liberty again.


rpbatmanOne of the things that drew me to Dr. Paul, and subsequently libertarian thinking, is the consistency of his philosophy. In politics, everything with Dr. Paul begins and ends with the Constitution. If it’s not in the Constitution, it should not be done by the government. If the Bill of Rights protects it, it had better be preserved. His political decisions stem from our nation’s founding document, as the Founding Fathers intended and a republic demands. Ron Paul does not change his opinions as the wind blows, nor does he tweak and twist his views to fit around an agenda. His Congressional service is built on a rock solid, dogmatic faithfulness to the U.S. Constitution.

I have adopted much of his philosophies as my own, (I might disagree with a few minor points on occasion) and as a result I actually believe that much more of what I say and think. Before Ron Paul woke me up, I was a card carrying, Team Red, cheerleader who held the party line on every issue, whether my conscience told me I was wrong or not. But with a libertarian, Constitutionally sound outlook on all things politics, I almost never have to second guess myself. Whenever I am unsure on something, I will even hold off on forming an opinion until I’ve given it the Constitutional litmus test. Now I am much more brazen in my stands, and ever so more consistent – just like the master.


Watch the above clip. Ron Paul, being interviewed after the biggest surge of popularity in his career during the 2012 Presidential campaign, took the time to divert from the interview to correct an aggressive cameraman. Most politicians would probably care less about what is going on around them, and likely gloating in the swarms of attention sent their way. Not Ron. Ever the gentleman, he politely but firmly corrects the man, protecting the reporter.

It is only a small act in the grand scheme of things. He didn’t rush into a burning building to save a baby from the flames. However, this one little action spoke volumes of his character. This may be one of the greatest things Ron Paul taught me. No matter how big or important you think you are, compassion and caring for others is never below you. Throw him into a debate with an opponent and the Doctor will come out swinging hard with truth and the tireless aggression of a man half his age. Still, he never losses sight of the need for gentleness and thoughtfulness.


As a frightful and mysterious future awaits us on the horizon, there is no telling what tomorrow brings. Yet with Ron Paul’s wonderful example of courage, consistency and compassion, I know the tools to survive are already at hand.

Thank you Ron! Happy Birthday!

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