Need to Read

Here is a list of great books to aid and educate the freedom fighter in you. Knowledge is power and these are full of it! Links will take you to where you can find them on

The Constitution of the United States Read it. It’s the document that makes us a free Republic!

The Revolution: A Manifesto Written by Ron Paul, this book outlines the core principles of the Revolution and how they affect our country and the world.

Liberty Defined This book contains 50 brief chapters, in alphabetical order from Abortion to Zionism, all dealing with relevant issues in our society and what it’s author, Ron Paul, has to say about them. A great reference guide as well for spot-reading!

Atlas Shrugged is the controversial novel by Russian immigrant Ayn Rand that gained much popularity in 2008 when her predictions of Americas economy came true. The story illustrates the problems with socialistic economics and touts Rand’s oft misunderstood “Virtues of Selfishness”.

Constitutional Chaos by former Judge Andrew Napolitano is a sobering reminder of government atrocities that have cost us our liberties. Brilliantly explained and easy to understand, this book will probably make you mad at what goes on in this country.

More to come…

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