Friends of Freedom

Known allies in the quest for liberty.


  • Congressman Justin Amash (R) Michigan
  • Senator Rand Paul (R) Kentucky
  • Senator Mike Lee (R) Utah
  • Former Congressman Ron Paul (R) Texas
  • Former Governor Gary Johnson (R) Arizona

Media Figures

  • Ben Swann, Full Disclosure, Independant Journalist
  • John Stossel, Fox Business News, Host of “Stossel”
  • Neil Cavuto, Fox News, Anchor of “Your World with Neil Cavuto”


  • Julian Assange, WikiLeaks
  • Edward Snowden, NSA


  • Andrew Napolitano, Former New Jersey Supreme Court Justice
  • Doug Wead, Presidential historian
  • Tom Woods, historian and creator of Liberty Classroom
  • Peter Schiff, economist
  • Jim Demint, President of Heritage Foundation

Yet to come: more comprehensive lists and links for more info on these people.

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