The Tru Blu mission: to help educate the American public on important current events and provide an alternative to main stream media through a centralization of reliable and informative sources.

What is Tru Blu? There are a mirade of different shades of blue, each representing something different to us. Blue can represent justice, courage, sorrow or even frigid temperatures. It can be found on our flag and as the primary color of municipal law enforcement uniforms. But to me, the truest shade of blue represents all that is honorable and good in mankind. It is, for that reason, very hard to find. That is why I spell it without using the letter ‘e’. With a play on words in my verse below it “Doesn’t come with ease. (e’s)” and is therefore something we can all strive for.

There are many shades of blu,

In skies and hearts and seas,

Yet only one is tru,

And it doesn’t come with ease.

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