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[Tru Blu Tuesday] Calling All (R)epublicans!

I’m in a mood today, so brace yourself. That usually happens when I’m exhausted, which I definitely am right now. But not only am I tired from the grind of working two jobs and trying to have some semblance of a social life, I am down right tuckered out from inconsistent neoconservative Republicans. Honestly, the only thing that keeps me from flying off the handle is the humble reminder that I used to be one. Yes, up until I awoke a few short years ago, I was very hypocritical in my political stands. I still have much to iron out, but I’ve come a long way.

Of all the factors that led me to appreciate, follow, love Ron Paul and eventually libertarian thought, the biggest one was consistency. In naive years of toeing the party line for the Red Team, no matter what the issue, some days just left me scratching my head. Like the day I read a column in my local paper of a critic bashing the Patriot Act. Pushed by Republicans my knee jerk reaction was to fully support the Act. However, in the back of my head, something told me the writer might be on to something. I mean, should we really be giving up our Constitutional right to privacy? But I stuck with Dubya and the gang anyway. Please forgive me, I was young. Anyone who knows me now would tell you I’m the biggest anti-Patriot Act guy out there.

That is what keeps me from going bananas on neoconservatives today. Today when so many join Dick Cheney, Lindsay Graham and John McCain in upholding the treasonous actions of the NSA and condemning whistle-blower Edward Snowden, I straight up want to pull my hair out. It is horribly inconsistent with “small government”, “Constitutional” conservative philosophy.

This post by a man I’ve never met is what got me rolling on the topic:

One of the key arguments for defending the 2nd amendment is based upon the natural right of the citizen to protect himself from his own government should the need ever arise. Fair enough- I couldn’t agree more.

So why is it that so many of you are constantly calling for an infinite amount of funding for a massive, standing military force, and ever more funding for an omniscient spy apparatus in the forms of an NSA or CIA? Isn’t that just as much a self defeating blow to the second amendment as outright gun confiscation would be? What do think- that if the time comes to protect yourself from the government, you’re gonna go out there in your camo baseball caps, beer guts, & AR-15’s, and take on the most powerful, technologically advanced, highly trained crack government troops that YOU thought never had enough funding? You’re somehow gonna escape the government’s all seeing eye that will track and anticipate your every move that YOU fully supported the implementation of? if you truly believed that there may come a time to utilized your 2nd amendment rights, wouldn’t you be screaming for a dismantling of the spy agencies, and a greatly reduced military budget?

This is such a good example of my frustrations with main stream Republicans today. They scream bloody murder when the government makes a move for their guns, and rightly so, but they defend Constitutional violations by our most powerful spy agencies? And for what – safety? Hello, isn’t that what liberals claim in support of gun control? This does not compute logically for me.

And then there’s the fiscal part of it. Republicans are supposedly against big spending, always bucking the Democratic pets such as welfare or military-spendingthe Affordable Care Act. Then they turn around and infuse billions into a life-sucking military empire, the likes of which the world has never seen before? We spend about a third as much as the entire world combined, but God forbid we cut a penny from the military! Just last week our leaders stuck our hands into the Syrian conflict. This after Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Pakistan. Are we playing a game of real life Risk here?

These are the things that lead me to libertarian thinking. Follow the Constitution – not just the parts you like. That means standing in firm defense of the Second Amendment AND resisting foreign interventionism. It means protecting free speech for the pulpit AND our cell phones. It means keeping spending for welfare AND warfare under control.

I could go on, but you get the picture. If we are going to rescue this country, and all Republicans are aware of the need, we have to stick to our guns on the Constitution, and check our political party passions at the door. Libertarian types are an interesting bunch, and generally very educated on the political sphere, but we can’t do this ourselves. We need a few more Republican pals to wake up and get this ship in order.

Want to know what Ronald Reagan had to say about libertarianism?

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