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Look who’s back!

Hello again! I haven’t seen you in a while. Sorry about that! How are the spouse and kids? Great! Glad to hear it! Well I’m back now, and after over a month’s hiatus of reading and desperately trying to keep up with the nonsense going on in the world, my fingers are itching! I recently discovered that I must write in order to avoid insanity. If I do not put my thoughts on paper…or at least virtual paper…it will spell my demise.

My return to writing is not timed at random however. I am inspired by yesterday’s heroics of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. His filibuster of John Brennan’s confirmation vote as Director of the CIA, a nearly thirteen hour lambasting of epic proportions, has rallied my previously dormant energy. Whatever comes next is because of him. (It would be another Paul that would stoke my fire!)

For consistency’s sake, my plan going forward is to write at least once each week on whatever subject is currently in my craw. I choose Tuesday as my day of release. I pick that day for no other reason than that is rhymes with Tru Blu. I reserve the right to share, reblog and elaborate on anything at any time.

With that I bid you farewell.

Peace in Liberty.

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