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Under The Covers: In Bed With Awkward Questions For The CIA, FBI, White House


By now you’ve probably heard almost every possible angle on the infamous scandal surrounding General Petraeus, now ex-Director of the CIA. That’s because for the most part, there’s only been one angle; that being the accepted and widespread version which implies that the affair General Petraeus had with his biographer Paula Broadwell was recently discovered and is the sole purpose of his resignation. Until now….

Someone else has a different point of view on the issue. The well versed, well respected Judge Andrew Napolitano has raised some very harrowing questions about the fishy-ness of the ordeal. He argues that this is not a recent discovery to the intelligence community and the White House but is only a way to silence him with the purpose of covering up the terrible Benghazi incident occurrence nightmare. (Certainly a topic of future conversation) The Judge speaks from experience when he says that background checks done on the General prior to his appointment as Director would have more than likely uncovered such a scandal. He makes a compelling case for the potential of the White House and at least the CIA, covering up something much darker, much more sinister, than should be brought to public light.

Read his article on FOX.com here: Silencing General Petraeus

He also defends his case on Fox and Friends: Somebody wanted to silence the General

“What’s Going On?” …..Excellent question

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