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Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up? (Video)

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is a great politician…in that he will say whatever his constituents want to hear in order to get elected, and to a large degree, they have fallen for it. Hook, line and sinker. If his target audience is liberal he will wax liberal, but if they are conservative and/or evangelical he will transform into the second coming of Ronald Reagan. As a life-long Republican I’m supposed be all for this man who has assumed the role as America’s savior from President Obama. However, how can I trust someone who has so adamantly held positions on both sides of the fence on a number of important issues? I understand that people develop and change in their life, but over four years? He has done just that on a number of things as the video below illustrates. I do not support the President in almost everything he does, but how do I even know what I agree with Romney on if he won’t stick to one script?

Follow this link for a video that sums up Romney’s inconsistency

A Brief History Lesson: Eight years ago, in the 2004 Presidential campaign, Democrat challenger John Kerry fell victim to the same slight: he couldn’t keep his story straight. He eventually lost to President George Bush who most Americans at the time hated. In a close race, against a charismatic incumbent, Romney faces the same challenge.

I would not pressume to tell you who to vote for, as neither majority candidate is, in my personal opinion, worthy of the Presidency, but I would caution you to be wary of expecting satisfactory results from either man.

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