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You Can Vote for Either Big Government Party

Since 1945 neither party has shown significant resolve to truly limit government. As the chart shows, government spending has only steadily increased over the past half a century. We need less spending and for at least the Republican party to act on their rhetoric and do what they claim to want to do. LIMIT the government.


James Ostrowski

There’s a nice little chart on the web that shows steady government growth from 1940 through 2001 regardless of which party is in power. With this one picture, a thousand words about why there is little difference between the parties become unnecessary. Two quick conclusions can be drawn from the data. The Republican Party has been given sixty post-New Deal years to show that it can shrink or even limit government. It has failed and there is no reason to think it will ever succeed as presently constituted. Second, the conservative movement, which, unlike the libertarian movement, has held center stage in American politics since 1964 and held real power many times, has failed insofar as it purports to believe in smaller or even limited government.

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