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The REVOLUTION: Coming Soon To A Nation Near You

I’ll never forget the first time I heard the Revolution referenced. It was still somewhat early in the 2012 GOP primaries and someone had asked a friend of mine who she was supporting for the Presidential nomination. “Ron Paul of course! Join the Revolution!” she replied, playfully fist pumping the air. I was on the ‘Herman Cain train’ at the time and didn’t even know who Ron Paul was, much less his movement. I thought it was just another campaign slogan. Little did I know that when I went home that night to look up this man and his mission that a seed had just been planted in my barren, freedom starved mind……

What is it?

The Revolution is a changing of the hearts and minds of people in our country. It is a fundamental shift in the way people see government, politics, liberty….hope. It is an intellectual wildfire set to scorch the earth with the truth. It is a push for a change to the status quo of widespread blissful ignorance. It is a mission to take back the country we love.

The problem….

For too long people have been apathetic or misinformed or downright lied to.  Corrupt politicians, mainstream media, the Federal Reserve Bank and the military industrial complex, among others, have all enjoyed the splendors of ignorance and made sure to perpetuate it amongst Americans. The result has been the many problems we see in the world around us. Whether it is the devaluing of the dollar, the rising gas prices, the mounting debt, the endless threat of terrorism or the growing loss of personal liberties, our way of life is under attack! The time has come for all of that to change, and with it the oppressive regime that pushes it.

The options for change we are given are not enough. It is either Republican or Democrat, red or blue, conservative or liberal, FOX or NBC, Romney or Obama; regardless of the fact that they have more in common than they pretend. Minuscule problems are highlighted. Petty arguments break out. Fingers are pointed. Names are called. All the while the world burns around us.

The winds of change

This is where The Revolution comes in. Begun by Dr. Ron Paul, it seeks to uproot the long reigning weeds of corruption and return to the roots of this great nation: the Constitution. The Revolution, while ambitious in its aspirations, is not a violent one. Nay, the primary vehicle of the liberty movement is simply truth in information. Already people have woken up by the millions to understand what is really wrong with our country. The Independent-identifying voter bloc is the largest it has been in U.S. history, indicating the dissatisfaction with the choices given. Mainstream media outlets lose viewers by the day. Blogs, vlogs, independent journalists and others carry to them the message of liberty and it spreads like a disease without a cure: a cancer feeding off the monstrous beast of tyranny.

The Revolution, however, will not be televised. Don’t go looking for it within the mainstream media, for theirs is a wasteland deprived of forward, constructive thought. Treating it as a fringe element, they ignore the movement in hopes it will go away and never return…but it will not. In terms of media, the liberty movement has spread mostly through the internet, since it is free, uncensored and can spread much more quickly here than through traditional news outlets.

While mostly thought of as only an abstract concept to unify the various factions of the liberty movement, The Revolution has concrete compartments as well. The Campaign for Liberty, or C4L for short, is the political embodiment of Ron Paul’s continuing legacy in government as it strives to keep pushing  vital issues through congress with ambitious new freedom fighters in the House and Senate. Young Americans for Liberty, a very important arm of the movement, takes its core principles to college campuses around the country, giving eager students something their professors won’t tell them. Endorsed by Dr. Paul for its mission of providing sound free market and Austrian economic education is the Mises Institute. Named after Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises, the Institute has been teaching these principles for thirty years. Thanks to these organizations, a growing number of liberty minded politicians, and many others,  the message of The Revolution marches on.

The Message:

  • Restore the Constitution: This is the foundation of the republic and everything else rests on this document. “Claims that our Constitution was meant to be a “living document” that judges may interpret as they please are fraudulent, incompatible with republican government, and without foundation in the constitutional text or the thinking of the Framers.” -C4L
  • Return to the free market: Long term economic growth and prosperity is impossible with excessive government regulation, market manipulation and counterfeiting by central banks.
  • Reclaim individual liberties: We must take back the freedom granted to the people in the Bill of Rights. These rights have been trampled on by legislation such as the PATRIOT Act and the NDAA as well as overreaching organizations like the TSA. If we are not safe from unjust law, we are not free.
  • Revoke our current foreign policy: Manipulating the lives of the citizens in other countries is not a policy of peace. It only results in fear and loss of freedom for them as well as us, provoking aggression and tension. Our unwanted presence is a deterrent to our survival as a nation as well as a drain on our economy.

With Love,

Finally, as previously noted, the Revolution is not an act of violence. While the first American Revolution culminated in a bloody, eight year war, the 21st Century version hopes to continue in peace. That is why the popular logo highlights the ‘EVOL’ in the word; to emphasize that love is an fundamental value of the movement. It also serves as a reminder that we can do this without injury to our fellow-man. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, nor do we expect to go unscathed through the trials ahead. However, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine providence, we will prevail.

In the beginning of a change the Patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot. -Mark Twain

It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men. -Samuel Adams

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